Dogs don’t feel guilty, nor do they apologize, but- it’s still pretty fucking cute to see a puppy giving all these toys to the baby.

Im pretty sure I have experienced dogs feeling guilty for bad actions and apologetic for bad actions before. sooo dont know what your talking about.

Dogs don’t experience “guilt” the way humans know it. Humans project guilt onto animals because humans love to anthropomorphize things (we also like to see human faces in inanimate objects like chairs- we’re pretty selfish) so we tend to see appeasement signals as “guilt” to them.

Truth be told, dogs have no concept of what they did ‘wrong.’ If they shit on the floor and you yell at them, and they look “guilty,” it isn’t because they feel bad for shitting on the floor. They feel bad because you’re yelling at them. They make cute faces to make you stop because they’re afraid things will escalate if they don’t.

I guarantee you the dog here isn’t thinking “Oh man I hecked up so bad I’m so sorry tiny human”, it’s thinking “The human is making a really loud uncomfortable noise and I am concerned” and testing different things to make it stop, including laying toys all over the place.

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I can’t even hear what this dude’s saying but look at how ineffectually angry this bird is.

I’ve had days where I’ve wanted ti shriek like this at people too.
As a side note, I love that barn owls are used to often in art, and considered the most beautiful species, yet they make a noise like Satan’s chalkboard.

Sounds like the little girl getting burned alive in the Silent Hill movie.

So much for owls saying hoot :U

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